Dives and Slides

Are no problem for us. Safety conscious swim clubs have earned the right to enjoy diving boards and waterslides.

Athletic Participation

We provide coverage for liability claims arising from athletic events/participants, closing the gap found in many policies. Without this coverage, your club is exposed to potentially large lawsuits with no insurance protection.

Zero Rate Increases

Our track record speaks for itself – our swim clubs have not experienced a rate increase in over a decade. That’s why over 150 clubs trust us with their insurance, year after year.

Here's What We Offer:

Low Rates We don’t accept every club into our program. Only safety conscious swim clubs that have earned the right to better rates are eligible for coverage. That’s how we keep your insurance costs low!

Dependable Coverage Our A rated (excellent) insurance companies don’t leave your protection to chance. Our program is insured 100% by financially sound companies.

Stability No more last minute rush to find the right coverage at the right price; especially when insurance companies arbitrarily raise rates, restrict coverage or cancel your insurance. We’re here for you year after year, making the insurance buying process easy.

Knowledge & Expertise Our insurance professionals have decades of experience and are members of swim clubs just like yours. And, we’re Certified Pool Operators. We know and understand the challenges swim clubs face every day.

Safety & Risk Management Programs We have the resources to help you manage and maintain a safe swim facility. By doing so, costly insurance claims can be avoided or mitigated – keeping your insurance costs as low as possible.

We Go the Extra Mile

Ease of Doing Business

Not only do we make insurance easy, we offer all of the coverages your swim club is likely to need.

95% Customer Loyalty

Low rates, outstanding service and a reliable, knowledgeable team is what sets us apart.

Customized Coverages

Swim clubs face unique challenges when it comes to buying the right insurance protection. Our program addresses many of these challenges in ways standard insurance policies simply cannot.

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