Pool Safety & Risk Management

Pool Safety & Risk Management

Pool Safety

Swimming pools involve a certain amount of risk, but a day or evening at the pool should be safe and fun for everyone. You don’t want an accident to spoil the good times your members and their guests have come to expect. Fortunately, most accidents can be prevented. However, it takes a great deal of responsibility and diligence on your part to maintain a safe facility.

In spite of the dangers associated with swimming pools, you can maintain a safe swim club by following these general guidelines:

  • Teach your staff to recognize potential problems before they occur; as they conduct regular safety checks of your entire club throughout the day.
  • Maintain all areas of your club in top condition.
  • Empower lifeguards and other employees to enforce pool rules and regulations.
  • Purchase and maintain all necessary emergency, life saving equipment and properly train your staff to use it.
  • Follow all applicable state and local regulations.
  • Be certain that all of your employees are properly trained and certified in life saving CPR and know how to respond to medical emergencies.

How Can We Help ?

The Swim Club Insurance Program maintains various resource material, checklists and informational articles that can assist your swim club in its safety and risk management initiatives.

Available materials include information on the following :

Management Review Checklist for Pools

Pool Opening Safety Checklist

Pool Maintenance Checklist

Sample Rules for the Pools and Locker Rooms

Public Playground Safety Handbook

Sample Hold Harmless Agreement

To request a password and view these documents please contact:

Curt Dumbleton – Certified Pool Operator
Email: cdumbleton@swimclubinsurance.com

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